Inferno online & Red Bull Gaming Sphere


We arrange, market and host branded community parties, with the focus on what our clients value and needs are. Do you want to engage with your community in a new way? Do you have a party or an event that could needs new fresh ideas? Read on to see how we have helped others before!

Red Halloween Night @ Red Bull Gaming Sphere

Redbull Gaming Sphere & Inferno Online in Stockholm, wanted to host an above average Halloween party for their community – something with high visual impact and guests that would celebrate in costume.

We hired two professional cosplayers, and through our own and their network, launched an online marketing plan to get the word out: On the 30th of October, THE costume party was going to be held at the Redbull Gaming Sphere. It was a fantastic night in a superbly decorated space, with 19 participants in our sponsored costume competition, and many more guests both in costume and out of costume! Watch our video below.

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