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What we do
With years of experience we have produced live events, broadcasts, and productions that engage communities, connect brands and customers and celebrated creativitity and innovation on all levels. We build brands, offer turn key solutions, and develop concepts for ourselves and clients with the express focus of providing memorable experiences and moving forward in our field. We operate primarily in the gaming sphere, but we always love a challenge so if you are looking to do something new, please do feel free to contact us. Read more about our specialized services below.
Who we are
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Waypoint.gl founded in December of 2021 and based in Copenhagen, Denmark. The company is owned by HAHA Invest and hosts its offices in House of Dreams, a collaborative open office with our studio production space, editing spaces, office space and a few other secret features. Our company is founded on the main principle of love what you do, and do what you love. We are heavily invested as players, entertainers, and producers of quality events and content.
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The 4 Point Core
We take pride in our work and values, and embody this through our 4 point core. The 4 point core is the framework that keeps us working in the same direction, and expanding on the concepts, insight, and expertise that we possess. Focusing on combining the best that we know from years working with gaming, cosplay, esports, and entertainment, the 4 point core is the soul of what we do.
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Our 4 point core
A key factor of succesful projects are the people involved in making it happen. Through the years, we have built up a wide, international network of talented, hardworking and innovative people and we…
A core component of our work is our specialized knowledge and skills in producing, building and marketing online content. We keep up with trends and make use of existing social networks to pursue our…
The foundation for our work is to embrace new ideas, celebrate creativity and innovation. We take pride in seeing new ways to promote brand awareness, and pursue creative and engaging strategies for…
Our Service Mindset
At Waypoint we believe that our vision and work is best supported by our service mindset. We want to ensure that our clients, suppliers and the many talented people we work with, all feel that their…
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