The ICONIC concept is an online, international cosplay competition that can be adapted to suit the type of engagement you desire for your brand. Through ICONIC you can showcase global creativity, crafting and get high impact visual content.

Our first ICONIC was a Nordic only competition in May 2021, were the concept was tested and tried. We followed up with a larger international ICONIC in June of the same year.

ICONIC in action

In summer of 2020, the gaming and esports convention DreamHack decided to move their event ‘Beyond’ and host a digital convention, as the covid restrictions meant their in-person event could not take place. 

DH Beyond was looking for ways to get online content for their convention, so that their digital guests could feel like they were attending a regular event.

With DH Beyond x ICONIC we supplied them with an international, online cosplay competition, complete with all of the showmanship, visual impact and creativity they would have gotten from an in-person event. In addition, the online show made new opportunities possible, such as a behind-the-scenes look at the crafting proces and creativity that goes into cosplay.

We had 43 contestants from 18 different countries, as well as a branded online lounge to explore for guests.

best craft 1st place - Anhyra best craft 2nd place - Micialgo best craft 3rd place Caiva Best in show 1st place lumanutt best in show 2nd place - misacosplayswe best in show 3rd place darkesttears judge favorite - liechee Judge favorite Talybb judge favoritge - kokoa cosplay
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