IP Streampo1nt

With Streampoint, we host sponsored pop-up streaming zones, concept work for events, fan meets, panels and with potential for much more! Have a streaming, esports or gaming event to market? Streampo1nt can provide high brand visibility online and offline, draw visitors and promote events!

We have worked with Komplett, COUGAR, SVIVE, Streamhouse, Epparel and Elgiganten. Are you next?

Streampo1nt in action

The first Streampo1nt was at Malmö LAN in 2017, in collaboration with DreamHack. The event organizers were looking for streamer focused content and we were looking for a place to host this pop-up, get-together for professional streamers. Since then, we have hosted the event 3 times, with great success – expanding with comprehensive program plans, streamer SoMe marketing and panels. 

Streampo1nt is no longer just a stand at an event where streamers sit, but a collection of top-tier services of marketing, branding and fan-content. With Streampo1nt, streaming can be entertaining, profitable, fun, educational and integrated into your event as an attraction capable of growing over time.

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